Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Yes, however, students will be required to pay a sustainability fee of between 3,000 Naira (USD 8) and 5,000 Naira (USD 13) to take a course. The sustainability fee is used to maintain the program.

The program is 100% held online. Students are enrolled into our online training facility and can learn at their pace.

All students will be attached to course coaches, who will be on the alert to answer their questions and guide them through the program.

Yes, all students must defend a project before they can be certified.

We currently have digital technology and business courses. Check out our Skiil-up and Business Kickstart faculties

Kindly visit our registration page at

The program is self paced, which means students may be able to take course at their own time. There will however be a graduation ceremony only twice in a year

There are scholarships available for people who have been identified to be extremely poor. Visit the scholarship page to learn about the terms and conditions