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  1. my name is Obinikpo Isioma Irene the founder of Oma’s Fish Heaven.  Food security and food safety are pressing issues in Africa.  The recent inflation in Nigeria has lead to a spike in prices of commodities and reduction in purchasing power of low income earners.  At Oma’s Fish Heaven, we are into production of affordable protein sources, management of post harvest losses and value addition through processing, packaging and marketing.  Our products are made using improved processing methods that are safe and healthy the consumer, staff and environment. 
    We produce one hundred cans of Fillets and one hundred Cartons of dried fishes monthly which generates a revenue of six hundred and eighty five thousand Naria with a net profit of one hundred and ninety thousand Naria. 
    We will require the sum of one million, five hundred thousand Naria to purchase a one  thousand capacity dehydrator for drying and raw materials.
    Remember that food destroyed on the farm cannot be repaired in the kitchen. Together we can ensure food safety and maintain food security. 

  2. Fatiah spent her 9 months journey of her first pregnancy in a remote area where she had access to Internet but had poor access to basic medical care she needed for her and her baby. Fatiah is one of the 30 million African pregnant women facing this.
    My name is Oduola Fatiah and I am the founder of Preg2Mum which is a full service digital health app that helps pregnant women and new mums to establish a visible and active online community for a fun healthy lifestyle. Since full inception in March 2021; we have created a MVP with 5000 active users across the country. We aim to broaden this if you join hands with us to provide flexible basic medical care for all at a pocket fee through subscription rates.
    Thank you

  3. P&P Agro Farms was founded in 2018 by Peter Okoro and incorporated in 2021 as a fully registered enterprise. The business does a mixture of farming and processing food. Currently we farm rice and cassava. We also process rice of three different categories.

    We aim to address the problems of food shortage and starvation by providing affordable processed rice. According to National Bureau of Statistics, in 2020, 40% or 83 million Nigerians live in poverty. Although Nigeria’s poverty profile for 2021 has not yet been released, it is estimated that the number of poor people will increase to 90 million, or 45% of the population Nigeria has 40% of people living in poverty.

    With the range of products on our product line even the average poor citizens can be able to get quality rice due to our unique food processing capabilities. We have very cost-effective methods of production that yield minimum waste. With that regard we will offer very competitive prices for less. We also have a production team with tested knowledge and experience to deliver quality rice. With the kind of resources and team we currently have we believe we can really offer the market what it needs.

  4. I’m igwe mkpuma, the CEO of IMC Farms And Agribusiness.

    IMC Farms And Agribusiness Objectives are:

    1. To reduce crop destruction and, increase the company’s crop production rate by 25% within five years.

    2. To gain at least N2,580,000 in revenue each year for the next 3 years.

  5. My name is Elizabeth Raimi
    There has been a constant struggle for fashion entrepreneurs, when we speak of stable market.
    The Cloth marketplace (TCM) is a venture that seeks to create a stable market for fashion entrepreneurs with leverage on Technology and the media space.

  6. Doch Resources is an agric business operating in Nigeria with a major focus on beekeeping. Over the years we have seen health-challenged individuals settle for artificial sweeteners due to the poor quality of natural sweeteners or their high cost. Doch Resources is leveraging on the knowledge of beekeeping, harvesting, processing, and packaging of these bee products to solve this problem.
    Estimated revenue for the next 3years is 1.5 million yearly

  7. I am Tosin Alabi, the Creative Director of Rubies World Concepts, registered Knit wear brand located in Lagos.
    We are into design of top notch knit wears such as mufflers, sweaters, beanies etc
    We offer trainings both online and offline, we have trained over hundred people.
    Our aim is to reduce the menance of unemployment in the county through our training and empowerment program also to reduce the rate of importation of knit wears by creating top notch designs that meet up with international standard and quality. This we hope to achieve if we are given business grants. Thank you

  8. Trendy Media Production is a registered movie production company that is focused on using film as a tool for social change. We believe that film is a powerful tool for positive change in the society, and our mantra is, “activism through filmmaking”. Through our productions, we address current societal issues.

  9. My name is Onisowurun Sampson and the name of my startup is Eternal Rays. In Nigeria, power supply is epileptic. Eternal Rays aims to solve this problem with affordable solar energy solutions. Many Nigerians have validated our MVP. However, in order to scale we seek an investment seed of $500,000.

  10. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the number of housing deficit in Nigeria is 17-20 million units. This number keeps increasing by up to 900,000 units annually.
    At Really Easi, we aim to reduce this figure to the bare minimum by making it really easy for people especially youths to acquire landed properties through a mobile application that allows a very flexible automated payment plan. For us to launch successfully, we need up to #50million.
    I, Ogunyemi Nimota Ayomide, seeks you financial support to scale and grow my business idea.

  11. OCycle, is an Agro digital enterprise founded to tackle the problem of poor organic waste Management in Nigeria.
    At Ocycle we provide a platform where individuals can trade their organic wastes for rewards. The collected organic waste are used to grow black soldier fly larvae which are used as animal feeds and the larvae waste are used as bio fertilizer.

  12. This startup groom young people especially school leavers (High school) with career guide by helping them understand the available option for them, in identifying and starting a career from their earliest age. Our startup is fighting the issue of intelligent/Talented poor people in Nigeria and the African Society increasing their opportunity to be below 25 years with 5 – 10 years of experience chasing their Career/Passion .

  13. Skillscout Market is an app that connects customers with businesses or skilled professionals in nearby locations. The app uses geographical grid to scan the location of users and connection is automated. Revenue is generated by monthly subscription for business owners only and the main resources needed for this business is the software and internet bandwidth.

  14. I am Tosin Babalola, the Founder of Crest Farms.
    The Sustainable development goal 2 is aimed at food security and top most on securing food is the availability of protein sources, seeing especially that there has been a decline in protein consumption due to a reduced accessibility and availability. This is where Crest Farms comes in. We are a business committed to the production of protein sources such as poultry, fish and dairy.
    We aim for accessibility by making these products affordable to the consumers. The comfort of our customers is top priority so we have these products dressed, washed and processed, all at an affordable price.

  15. I’m David Okoro, I’m currently building a Glass business to be named (Di Glass) we’re focused on solving the issue of eye correction, adding style to your fashion and giving life to your low self esteem.
    In a world where people are tagged with all sort of names we believe with the help of our product that narrative will correct.
    According to the current statics in the eyewear market glass production will increase to over 500% due to the fast tech development, because we spend more time on tech related gadgets, like laptops and smartphones also it has been predicted that new features will come with Glasses which we believe through our brand we will install a Bluetooth system that will help regulate the eye pressure and diagonise it as make use of our product.

  16. I am StanleynAsokingz. The pioneer of Agro-Tech.
    Agro-Tech is a farming business set up with the objectives:

    a. To produce crops at a cost effective rate
    b. To increase crop production by 28% in the next 2 years
    c. To deploy delivery service systems to final consumers
    d. To increase revenue by 30% for 3 years

    In summary, the business considers processing crop bye-products, provide employment and help solve economic hunger.

  17. I’m Madonna, the co-founder of E-checker. It’s a website, designed to be adopted by over 85% of departments in each Nigerian institution. It is made to solve the problem of poor record keeping of students results during their full course of study. And in addition, serve as an easy way to examine self-performance.

  18. The pandemic changed a lot of things and among them includes how we work and go around.

    We deliver is a business idea that would ease the stress of many users who like myself work from home or work 9-5 and don’t always have time to go to the market. We Deliver will be a delivery, errand, and price checking platform.


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  1. I just finished the course. It was an enjoyable and engaging experience. Currently working on my Business Plan, putting to work all the knowledge gained. Indeed, we keep learning in life. Looking forward to maximising all the knowledge acquired in the Business Kickstart programme. Many thanks to the organizers and everyone in the Evolve Africa team. And thanks too to all my co-learners on the platform for a great learning experience.

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