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Hand and Machine Stitch Wig Making Course

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Hand and Machine Stitch Wig Making Course Outline

1. Introduction to wig making 

a. Understanding/Definition of wig making, emphasis on custom wig making 

b. Requirements for wig making 

c.Knowing the types and sizes of canvas heads. Lesson One

2. How to take an accurate head measurements. Lesson two

3. ⁠Prepping of wig cap.

a. How to transfer measurements to your wig cap

b. Adjusting cap to fit measurement 

c. Cap highlight  // How to make glueless closure 

a. Closure placement (glueless). Lesson Three

5. ⁠How to set up your sewing machine. Lesson Five

6. ⁠Proper way of sewing (hand stitches. Lesson six

7. ⁠How to sew using machine //Adjustable band and wig comb placement. Lesson Seven


Hair Stylist

A hair stylist with 5 years of experience.

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