About Us

Welcome to Evolve Africa

Evolve Africa is an emerging global consortium of the finest business leaders and professionals championing disruptive innovation and accelerated development across the continent of Africa. The organization has a bold and undaunted vision of raising an entrepreneurial and future of work aware, enthused, and committed younger people to advance the economic development of the continent through training, expositions, strategic meet-ups, mentoring and jobs/volunteer/internship placements.

At Evolve Africa, we believe that skill set shouldn’t be only accessible by people who can afford it, possessing skill-set to thrive in business and in the workplace should be a fundamental human right just as education is.

A better economic status shouldn’t be limited to the privileged few.

Evolve Africa is facilitating an Africa where everyone and especially the low class have access to skills and resources that can change their economic status.

Why Choose us


We are passionate about self development and prosperity. We have designed a platform that democratizes skills acquisition through a tech driven faculty

Our Mission


Empowering people with skills they require to succeed in business and the work place

Our Vision


To build a new Africa where skill-set is accessible to all irrespective of social status or background.

Our Programs

Evolve Business Kick-Start

Evolve Skill-Up


What Students Say

The training set me on a very good pedestal for tech involvement. I feel very much encouraged and empowered and so I intend to improve on what I learnt.

Blessing Eseleose Ugbenin

Tech Enthusiast

I registered for the Evolve Africa Skillup 2 program to learn Digital Marketing to help businesses. The online sessions were delivered by seasoned trainers. I really learnt a lot and would recommend Evolve Africa Skillup Program anytime.

Jessica Ngwudoh

Digital Marketer

I am a type that learn fast in physical class than online. But due to the current pandemic, I had no choice but to look for a way to utilize time and add value to myself. And the method which was adopted by Evolve Africa changed my entire concept. Everything was well explained bit by bit, the practical section was great, the course fee was almost free compared to other programs out there.

Walter Okeke

Data Analyst

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